Welcome to ParticipationMedals.com, I made this site to provide a one-stop shop for information relating to Olympic Participation Medals. These medals have been given out at Olympic Games to athletes, officials, and others integral to the Game since the first Modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens. There weren’t participation medals given in 1900 at the Paris Games, but the tradition restarted in 1906 in Athens (which aren’t considered official Olympics) and have continued every four years since, except when the Olympics were cancelled for World War I and World War II.

In general, the same participation medal is awarded to all participants and officials, however in more recent years different versions have been given out to different classes of people such as bronze medals given to athletes and silvered medals given to high ranking officials from Olympic Committees. Even more recently, Olympics organizers have rewarded the volunteers who help run the Games with their own participation medals, which usually are smaller than those given to athletes, and sometimes volunteer medals have different designs from those given to athletes and officials.

I am a dealer and collector of all Olympic Participation Medals. I’ve always had a personal love for the Olympics and this is a way for me to have a little piece of the Olympics with me every day of the year. If you’re just here to look, enjoy the pictures and information. If you have a medal you’re looking to sell, or you just want a value on what you have, then Contact Me and I’ll be happy to help you.

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